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Google’s 9 Principles of Innovation
June 7, 2017
Googles 9 Principles of Innovation Innovation comes from anywhere An idea for an innovation doesn’t have to just come from your super star employees. Ideas can come from anyone. There is a really good example that Kallayil mentions where an onsite doctor at Google had idea that if someone talks about suicide in a Google […]
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Some Business Vocabulary
May 3, 2017
1. Back-of-the-envelope: calculations made haphazardly or informally. “Jim’s giving me back-of-the-envelope numbers, but I need concrete, exact figures.” 2. Bio break: a bathroom visit during business hours. “Sorry I’m late, guys. I had to take a bio break.” 3. Bleeding-edge: a concept or trend that’s so innovative and new, it goes beyond being cutting-edge. “This […]
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The 9 Building Blocks of a Business Model
January 20, 2015