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The Rule of ABC – Always Be in Control.
August 29, 2016
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The Rule of ABC – Always Be in Control.
ABC. The most important rule for being a winner.





ABC. A- Always, B-Be, in C-Control.

Be in control of everything in your life, leave nothing in the hands of others, and always keep options.

Control your money, control your earning, control your woman. Leave nothing to chance when it can be controlled.

You have to have money and money making ability to control your life. You cannot be in control if you’re broke, you cannot be in control if you beg your boss for your bi-weekly paycheck that has been thoughtfully taxed in advance for you.

Control your money

Never leave all of your money in the hands of others. With your money and your future you’ve got to take action and keep a watchful eye on your money and not let a team of complete strangers control your investments.

What is it they say? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. For your money you can multiply that rule by 1000. Never, ever, ever, ever keep all of your money in one spot. It cost me $7,000 to learn this lesson and it was worth every penny because I didn’t lose $70,000 or $700,000.

Always keep multiple bank accounts with a balance and always keep cash around the house. Cash is king and you never, ever know when your bank accounts are going to be inaccessible. Put your cash in a safe or otherwise hide it.


Pay in advance

Whenever you can, don’t pay anything on credit, do the opposite and pay everything in advance. Don’t put anything on credit. When you have bills you are a slave. Pay everything in advance and you have peace of mind and no one is going to give you the old “you owe me money” bit. Paying in advance is power, paying on credit is slavery.

Think of a credit card only as a delayed payment debit card.

You can also use your credit card to take advantage of frequent flier miles and other nice programs, but never, ever, ever use your credit card just to buy stuff you can’t afford to pay cash with. IF! you are to use credit cards it should only as a strategy to build your credit or to get a bunch of free stuff with your credit card points.

Live below your means

You don’t have to live like an animal but you should not be stressed or anxious about paying your monthly bills. If you pay everything in advance you don’t even have to worry about the big bills. But if you aren’t in a position to pay everything in advance you need to choose your home and your automobile wisely.

A house and a nice car is not worth the anxiety if you are living beyond your means.

Control your intimate relationships

Getting married is an act of surrender, of defeat. When you get married you give 100% of your power to a woman. Women only respect you when you have power over them. That is as true today as it was in 1950 or 20,000 BC. That’s why married men walk around like broke-dick dogs, because 99% of them are broken dogs.

That’s what happens when you give your power away. A married man has no power whatsoever, his wife and the courtroom have 100% control over his children, his income and his assets. In return for what? There isn’t a single benefit for a man to get married. When you get married you sign away control.

The reality is that money is power, women are attracted to both money and power and when you are the sole source of $$ for a woman you have complete control over her and, if you are appropriately selfish, she will dote on you all day and night, just like in days of old. It’s completely true that modern women make money and have options, and that’s a huge reason why they are terrible as wives and girlfriends.

You need to have options for other women, at all times. That doesn’t mean you always need to have 10 girls in your phone or your instant messenger ready and waiting, it just means you need to keep yourself in a state where it’s easy to attract and keep women.

Money and a dominant disposition is your salvation.

Women are attracted to men with money and always will be. That doesn’t make them gold-diggers, it makes them women. Men love woman, women love money and that’s life, no need to cry about it.


Always keep options open. Options, options, options. Options are how you stay free. Keep many bank accounts with balances spread over each. Be an entrepreneur and make your own income.

Stay out of debt always. Don’t leave your investment strategy in the hands of strangers. Keep options with other women. Have options and ideas for making a real income, not a “dream job” but a real way to make green dollars and red pennies. Your other options don’t need to be acted upon, they just need to be there, in your mind, ready to go if a change is needed.

I have two options for making money if for some reason Bold and Determined doesn’t work out for me.



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